The Food Movement is a leading maker and distributor of raw, organic foods to people seeking healthy nourishment. The Food Movement gets you the best that nature has to offer, from the historically powerful Red and Black Maca Roots originating in the Andes Mountains to the latest line of supplements based on the groundbreaking work of macrobiotic legend Michio Kushi. Eleven percent of all profits made are donated to organizations that feed hungry people.

More than just a business

We are a movement because we are more than just a business and the business of food is more than just a vertical. We are part of a growing change in culture to reclaim the powerful nutrients of natural, organically sourced foods.

The Food Movement sources the highest quality, nutrient densest super foods available on this planet with the highest vibration and level of purity. We create dietary supplements made from whole foods and earth nutrients and we deliver them to stores and consumers across the United States.

The Food Movement offers a wide variety of products, from tasty organic foods like Goji Berries and White Mulberries to rich treats like Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs. We also manufacture the most bioactive plant-based nutrients available, such as our Vegan Vitamin D3. Partner with us in our mission to get super foods to super people. Join The Food Movement today.

Our driving philosophy

The Food Movement is founded on the belief that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself given the proper nourishment. We believe in not just healing with whole foods, but also in supplementing our diets with specific nutrients that may be missing.  We feel this approach is crucial to our survival as a people and a planet. This involves raw materials in their purest forms, formulations which correspond to the systems of the body, and an overarching philosophy that respects the wisdom of nature.

Our nutritional supplement sister company, Medicatrix Naturae, is founded upon the idea that natural health in its purest form, comes from the natural world. Our connection to that natural world determines the quality of our lives. We work hard to make your world a whole lot healthier.